It all began in 2003 when Ben began an Electrical apprenticeship with a Commercial Electrical and Refrigeration company, as he was nearing his time he took on extra studies in Advance PLC’s at Tafe which helped catapult him into the Food Manufacturing Industry for the next 5 years. During that time, Ben was the Sole Maintenance Electrician for the site and on top was also on call 24/7 for breakdowns. He played an important role in looking after the sites major Plant/Machinery equipment - Extruders, Ovens, Packaging Systems and Conveyor plus everything thing else. The plant was closed in 2012 and from there Wire Empire was born.

Ben has always taken tremendous pride in the work his undertaken and very fortunate to have a variety that sees him to where he is today. From 2012 Bens has continued to study and build the business which now incorporates Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Communications and Security.

This progression has naturally come after Ben’s experience at seeing and hearing about bad workmanship from other tradesman and generally having to come in after to repair them. Ben has always been about what’s right by the customer or operator and is more then happy to discuss and help you out when needed.